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Instapaper 4

Instapaper 4 is here and better than ever. Up until now Instapaper has been fantastically useful. Now it is simply beautiful. The majority of new features are for iPad but I’m really appreciating the smaller changes to the iPhone app. The icons, typography and other minor interactions have been polished to the point where every moment with the application just feels right.

In many ways Instapaper has grown in parallel with the iPhone and iPad hardware and iOS: every new release has brought a greater maturity and now the product is a proven hit. There’s going to be more room to grow for Apple’s mobile devices and for Instapaper but it feels like the vision behind all of these products has been fully realized.

If you want to find out more about the new features of Instapaper 4 Ben Brooks has a great rundown on his site. I also enjoyed reading Merlin Mann’s analysis of what Instapaper has meant for his own reading.

If you haven’t already, purchase Instapaper today. You’ll be glad you did.