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Quick Thoughts on Day One

Day One has become not so much my journal as my personal log full of all the stuff that I could be posting on twitter or Foursquare or Flickr but that I don’t want or need to be in the public domain. Who cares where I went yesterday or what I had for lunch or how my son looked when he rode the swings at the playground? Honestly, probably only me, and that’s why having a place to easily capture, backup and search these memories is terrific.

I’m also using Slogger which takes the concept of personal logging further in making sure that all the stuff I’m sharing publicly also gets added to Day One. In my case that means Flickr images, posts and books that I’ve marked as read in goodreads (complete with book cover images).

What Day One does great is capture and sync. What I’d like to see more of us ways to visualize all the information that’s in there. Wouldn’t it be great to see a map with pins on all the places that entries were logged? What if Day One could handle not only tags but quantified tags, a la Folding Text? This all may be going to far from the purpose of Day One but it’s fun to think about.